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Private Label Beer Contract Brewing

A Private Label Beer brand is a great product to increase and establish a stronger customer relationship. Especially, in markets of high competition, beer is always one of the best products for expanding your OEM portfolio. Independent if you look for a large quantity German contract brewery or an American Craft Beer brand. Under the roof of Prinz Beverage Group, we have the solution suitable best for your business.

What is Contract Brewing?

Contract Brewing is when you outsource the brewing process usually combined with filling and packing to a contract brewer like us. Independent if you are a startup for a stand-alone beer business or a retail/larger chain we are the right partner for your brand. As a from German founded company, we can offer you our breweries in German or Canada and cover the whole variation of beer types from North American APA, IPA to the German Pilsner or German Wheat Beers. Of course with the traditional German accuracy and professionalism.

We also offer distribution partnerships for selective brands. for more information please see our OEM Partnership guideline.

How does Private Label Contract Brewing work?

The brewing process is the most simple part but before we can start to do our beer magic we need a few information from you. First of all what type/taste of beer you would like to have, the estimated initial annual beer demand and what type of container you like to have like bottles, cans, and so far.

Regarding your future beer brand, we also need to know if you have a design ready? If requested, our network of professional designers, as well as our in-house designers, will be happy to support you in any matter. In order to support you with the best possible design, please simply tell us your brand story and brand guideline. A good design combined with a good story and fantastic beers are the basis for every success. 

Beer Entrepreneurs vs OEM for Retail/Distribution

Contract brewing is mainly divided into two business categories. One the one site are entrepreneurs, interested in establishing a stand-alone beer business and the retailers, distributors often already experienced in private label products. 

Established businesses already have their brand foundation and often product guidelines. If this is your industry you need to focus on a reliable brewery who can fulfill the demand and has the abilities to scale whenever necessary. Also, an absolute professional just in time delivery for your private label beer should be mandatory.

A new beer startup without good distribution access mostly struggles with high minimum quantity order of empty cans, labeling, etc. Please be aware of the minimum quantity order for your OEM cans, labeling, and packaging.

The right contract brewery for you

Beer is probably one of the most exiting products to deal with and if you are looking to create your own beer brand we offer consulting, brewing, and executening service to help you to get the brand you of your dream. Our team is specialized to support you by choosing a brand name, over trademark search and registration, design support for packaging and label as well as choosing the right beer design for you to have the recipe you wish.
For a more detailed overlook please download our "Your Brand Presentation Sheet"

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