Contract Brewing

Contract Brewing

Contract brewing is a technical term of the beer industry for the process that our brewery next to our own brand beer produces other beers, not under our own name, but with a different brand name be brought into the trade.


Contract brewery for Supermarkets

When your company reaches a certain size, a contract brewery for supermarkets often is a great opportunity to build customer loyalty and increases your sales. Depending on your business, after we produce your private label beer, we deliver directly to your warehouse or any requested location.

Contract brewing should not be confused with the acquisition of trademark rights by the brewery; on the contrary, the company commissioning the contract brewing will remain and outsource only the production.

Economically, this can make sense, as it avoids costly investments in elaborate brewing technology; Plant utilization results in considerable synergy effects. Although it remains the commissioning company, also the beer is produced in contract brewing according to your recipe or your taste direction.


Contract Brewery for Hotels

Contract brewing for hotels offers also large advantages. Using an own private label beer brand can help you to reduce costs and or it can help you to build up a deeper customer loyalty.

Independent of your motivation to look for a contract brewer we are the first choice when it comes to contract brewing and we look forward to talking to you.


The advantage of contract brewing

The biggest advantage of contract brewing is the outsourcing of a new product line to professionals. Outsourcing to professional contract brewers helps you focus on your core business. Every new brand needs a special attention. Independent of if you have a good customer need for new beers, every new brand or brand extension requires a qualified foundation as well as a top-notch marketing concept. Over the years we’ve seen very successful new private label beer brands as well as the opposite.

Our team supports you from the design over brewing your beer and we even take care of the worldwide shipping in order to keep your head free to promote your new beer as much as possible and necessary. For any further questions or request please contact us here.